Small Bathroom

How to Make a Small Bathroom Look Bigger

A small bathroom can still be big on style and design.  Some simple and easy hints can help you transform a small bathroom into a room with a great look and lots of storage.

The first step in a small bathroom is by creating the illusion of space. Most importantly, paint your walls in lighter shades such as white, eggshell and other neutrals or pastels.  Try to avoid dark colors that can drastically reduce the sense of space inside a small room.Granite bathroom countertops can add a feel of openness and give the room an elegant, high-end look.

Good lighting is key if you want your bathroom to seem bigger. Incorporating the right lights will help the bathroom open up even more.  The best and easiest way to make any room seem bigger is to simply put mirrors in all shapes and sizes.  The lights in the room reflect off the mirrors and give it an open feeling.

Under the sink is a good place to store towels and toiletries out of sight. The less clutter that is visible, the more the bathroom will seem bigger. For more space, add stylish hooks and hangers on the inside of the door. You can hang anything there, but they will still be hidden. The space above the door can also be used for storage by simply adding a shelf or basket.  The area over the toilet is often overlooked and can also be used creatively. You can add shelving to allow for more storage or you can use the shelves to add candles or any decorating items.

In conclusion, easy changes in a small bathroom can give the illusion of a larger room.  Color, light and storage are all it takes!