What to Do when Visiting a Wine Shop Cellar

Buying wine from online stores is always easy and convenient. You won’t end up wasting time and effort scouting for stores by foot, heading to far flung cellars only to find selections that do not meet your taste preferences. Through online shopping, you get to buy the wines you like in a matter of minutes with no hassle, and they will be delivered right to your doorstep. However, buying wines online can also be tricky, especially of it’s your first time to do so, or if you do not have sufficient knowledge about wines in general. Hence, if you are tasked to buy wines on a regular basis, it would be better to take a trip to a wine shop cellar every once in a while for a tasting escapade.

When planning to go to a wine shop cellar, here are the things you have to keep in mind:

  1. Tasting schedules.

When visiting a wine shop cellar, you should first confirm with the store as to when their tasting lab would be open to clients. Schedules vary depending on the store, thus you need to call them up ahead of time and inform them about your plan to visit. There are also stores that post their wine tasting events on their website, particularly when these are special and open to general audiences.

On the other hand, there are also wine stores that welcome custom tasting sessions; you may check how these can be conducted and prepared for your visit.

  1. Check out your options.

Aside from checking out the schedules, you may also have to see the wine selections that are available for you to taste. This is very important because you may not end up with the wines that you are expecting, or that the available stocks do not cater to your need.

You may want to see the list of available wines for tasting first, including promotional wines, regional wines, and other varietal products.

  1. Special events.

As mentioned earlier, there are wine shop cellars that conduct special tasting events. You should definitely watch out for these events as they serve as opportunities for you not only to taste the wines you are looking for, but also meet people who are equally interested and well-versed in wines and the industry as a whole.

There are also events wherein wine suppliers offer promotional items or give you a preview of their premium stuff.

You also get to build a network when attending these events; in time you may find yourself working with these people to meet your wine needs in the future.

  1. Costs

Wine tasting sessions are not always free, so expect to be charged with small fees. It is important that you are already informed of the costs beforehand, so you know how much to pay once you are there.

Some events meanwhile are free, especially when you received a custom invitation coming from the wine store cellar. On the other hand, you may have to shell out more if you choose to do a custom wine tasting session.

  1. Purchasing the Wine

When you’re already at the wine shop cellar, it is also a must that you take advantage of the situation and purchase the wines you have tasted-after all, you’re already there. Also, there are wines that sold in discounted prices for those who attended wine tasting sessions, and you may get better value for money.

Online stores that conducted wine tasting events may still require you to order via their website though, but this is usually offered if you intend to have your purchases delivered to your place at your convenience.

Common Etiquette to Observe

Basic wine tasting etiquette should also be observed during such visits, so that you will have a better experience in checking out the wines in the cellar. These include not wearing strong fragrances because these may affect the taste of the wine, or trying to be a know-it-all by pretending to be an actual connoisseur. You may want to do small talks instead with fellow wine tasters, or listen to their conversations so that you will learn more about the wines you are going to try. You may also control your wine tasting rounds, so that you won’t get tipsy or drunk. It is also not nice to haggle with the store prices since the cellar is not a marketplace.

Lastly, you should come to the wine shop cellar with an open mind. This way you are able to accommodate not only the things you are expecting in your wine tasting event, but also the surprises that may come along the way.