How to Bring Life to Mens Summer Shoes

Do you love your mens summer shoes? If that is the case then the wise thing to do is make sure you take care of them. High quality shoes are expensive. And for you to make them last long, it is imperative to give them great care. So, what can be done to keep them span and spick?

It is important to polish the summer shoes after wearing them. You can use silicone or wax to polish them, though, wax is the best. To obtain a deep shine, you can use wax. Also, wax is great at preventing wet from destroying the shoes. Silicone can also do especially if you want a quick surface shine. It is also easy to apply.

When polishing the shoes, it is advisable not to overdo it. If you polish too much, then you can easily damage the surface of the shoes. Also, just use less polish. And after brushing you should let the shoes to dry before wearing. It is important to note that all polishes are great. A number of them contain toxic substances that may damage the shoes. Some of these substances are highly volatile so it is vital to make sure that the room where you are polishing the summer shoes is well ventilated. A number of these substance may also result into skin problems especially if you get in direct contact with them.

Another thing that you should do to your summer shoes is to check if there are traces of salt stains and restore them. During the summer, road may be salted, meaning that blemishes may start appearing on the surface of the shoes. Removing the stains can be hard. Also, finding the right remedies can be hard. And since such stains will make the shoes appear old, you will want to get rid of them as soon as possible before they spread. You can get rid of such stains by washing the shoes with a mixture of water and spirit and then dry using clean cloth. When washing and rinsing the shoes, it is important to do it gently. After drying the shoe, you can polish it.

It is also important to remove traces of squeaking created when the layers of soles rub against each other. You can lubricate the soles using linseed oil. The good thing about linseed oil is that is helps making the soles durable. You should avoid walking on carpets before the oils dry. It is also important to make sure that the summer shoes don’t stink. If the shoes are smelly, you can use bicarbonate to get rid of the odor. After putting the bicarbonate into the shoes, you can let them rest for some hours. And if your feet are smelly, you can sock them a mixture of bleach and soapy water. Storing the shoes properly can also improve their life. The shoes should be stored in dust free areas. Also you should avoid storing shoes in plastic bags as they can start developing stains.

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