Lend class to your personal with the versatile polo shirts

Importance of clothes can be summarised in a simple phrase – they are what makes man. Manners can add to the personality but it is the clothes that proclaim many characteristics of the individual. Thus, it is necessary to dress appropriately as per the demands of the occasion but at the same time, giving impetus to the comfort factor. If there is one answer to an outfit that combines cool, class, style and comfort, then it is undoubtedly the mens polo shirts.

Polo shirts are versatile and hence popular

May be, polo shirts started as a sporty attire but today, they are popular for all occasions. Earlier, they were just referred to as golf shirts or even tennis shirts, as players sported the shirts for their matches. The name of the shirt comes from polo matches. Polo players had to wear shirts with long sleeves in the 80s which were uncomfortable.  Innovations set in and polo shirts came into being. The credit of crafting the polo shirts though goes to Rene Lacoste, the renowned tennis champion.

Today, mens polo shirts have evolved into style symbols. They come in different colors and perhaps, the bright colors that you find polo shirts in, is something that you will hardly find in any other men’s clothing. You may have shirts and t-shirts from different colours but nothing matches the hues of polo shirts.

The polo shirts look great on any kind of body, that is the best thing about it. They add charm and sophistication and bring out the fun element when required or chooses to be elegant when the situation demands.

When you wear a t-shirt, you immediately give the vibe of casualness. In some places, t-shirts may even be tagged as a lazy wear. Polo shirts as opposed to plain t-shirts command respect.

Polo shirts are versatile, in the sense that they can be worn with any kind of pants, short or long, formal or informal. These days, pairing it up with blazers are also a cool idea to look cool. Today, when workplaces are becoming casual places and the rules regarding dressing are altering, polo shirts are perhaps the only clothing that feels right for any place or occasion. They can thus be work clothes, vacation shirts, beach outfits or even a winter wear when you wear a jacket over it. Just wear a polo shirt and let class and elegance engulf your personality.


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